Who we are

Statusbrew began as a moderate project ignited by curiosity and inquisitiveness built upon the social world of Twitter and Instagram. The rising and falling numbers of followers/following, the prospects of business, the real-time output, mass media, mass appeal- every single detail could leave you mind boggling and YES!! we were no different. The social bug bit us hard and your love made us addictive. Result, STATUSBREW became our living dream.

What began as a simple project to track followers/following has evolved as complete social management application today. You can detect inactive, and fake profiles, use community management tools to enhance your social experience, rely on growth and analytical stats, compare your company’s growth with that of your competitor’s and the list goes on.


The project was worked upon single-handedly by its founder in 2011. It was only in 2012 that the founder along with his brother, both decided to leave their respective jobs and work for Statusbrew from their homeland Punjab. As a team, we take pride in sharing our beliefs, strengths, decisions and failures. Patience, persistence and hardwork are the backbones of our work system.

Today we are 7, each creative mind pursuing the goal of innovation, creativity and user satisfaction. As an individual, we keep challenging ourselves to perform better than before and as a team we are supportive of one another's growth. Rather than forcing ideas, we believe in individuality and uniqueness.

We live by the Japanese Work Philosophy of 5S where each ‘S’ is symbolic on a true quality of workmanship. They are as follows:

> - Seiri 整理 (Sort)
> - Seiton 整頓 (Simplify)
> - Seiso 清掃 (Shine)
> - Seiketsu 清潔 (Standardize)
> - Shitsuke 躾 (Sustain).


  • 2011
    The little sapling Statusbrew surfaced on the web.
  • With love and likeness we prospered with 1000 faithful users in just 3 months.
  • 2012
    And, shortly, we crossed the line of million users.
  • 2013
    We launched the Android version of our application.
  • Our Twitter handle encircled 1 million users. Yes, that's a good reason to rejoice.
  • 2014
    Crossed 5 million users.
  • Started branch office in India.
  • Registered 1 billion (follow/unfollow) actions.
  • 2015
    And better got best, we have reached 10 million users now, and still counting.
  • 2016
    Unfollowers rebranded as Statusbrew
  • Added new flavours to our brewery for enterprise at SB Station
  • Statusbrew iOS app (coming this Feburary)

Our journey towards efficiency and management has just begun. We have a lot more coming up. Statusbrew IOS app is one of them. Stay connected and we won't ever let you down...


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When Local Goes Global

With such a global appeal and international platform, Statusbrew could settle anywhere in the world, but we prefer to stay connected to our roots. With its main branch office at Amritsar, Punjab, we are out to proud to tell, there are no conditions to aspiration and dreams.

Our heart goes out to thank every single user at Statusbrew application. Your love and fondness taught us to push our limits and work beyond. You made us reach 11 million and we are sure to multiply in coming years.

Social Responsibility

We value humanity and realise our levels of responsibility towards the environment and society. As a company, we presently have two social plans on the roll.

Coloring Smiles: In our not-so-good-artist mode, a few of colors cans and rag clothes, we go out on the streets and take the onus to clean them and paint imagery on the walls. The smiles we spread through our efforts are infectious.

A Helping Hand: You’d be glad to know that a part of your subscription goes out to lend smiles to the needy and orphanage houses of Punjab. This is a part of our monthly programme.